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About Us

Bowen Island Coffee Roasting Company is the offspring of a little Espresso Bar/Café “The Happy Italian”, that opened in 2002 on Bowen Island, BC, Canada. In 2005, we started roasting our own coffee to supply our café. The quality of our freshly roasted coffee was noted immediately and the popularity grew. This was due simply to the fact that the product was vibrantly fresh and custom controls were limitless.

We soon outgrew our 5kg roaster along with our location and made the move to new digs and upgraded to the 15 kg roaster and afterburner set-up that we use today. In 2006, the Happy Italian turned into the “Happy Isle Café & Bistro”, celebrating Bowen Island’s colourful history known as “The Happy Isle”.

In 2010 we closed the Café & Bistro portion of our business to focus our attention on wholesale coffee roasting. In 2011 we reopened the doors beside the former Roastery and opened “The BowenCoffee Store”. In 2014, we moved the roastery to it’s own warehouse location mid-island leaving more space to set-up seating area for the cafe portion of the store.

The BowenCoffee Store has a wide variety of brewing supplies for coffee and tea, and we have brought in a line of specialty organic loose leaf teas to complement our coffee line. Of course, we have an Espresso Bar and light snacks as well, we offer free daily tea samples and coffee tastings. Ask us about home roasting set-ups and supplies, green bean sales, espresso and cappuccino machines...everything coffee...and tea too…

Come and visit us and watch the roasting process in person. Call or email to get a roasting schedule so you don’t miss out the excitement.

The afterburner is basically a catalytic converter that uses high heat to break down the odour and smoke produced during the roasting process and turns it into a water vapour. These machines use a power burner to oxidize the smoke and smell when they run between 1,200 and 1,400 degrees.

Need larger quantities or interested in wholesale opportunities?

Please contact us by email

or phone: 604-916-0848 for quotations.

What is the “rocketship” a.k.a. “the afterburner” all about? 

In 2007, when we upgraded to the Ambex 15kg coffee roaster and because of environmental concerns and wanting to keep the fresh air fresh on Bowen Island, we also purchased the afterburner (also known as “the rocketship”) that currently sits outside the roasting facility.

The RoasterMate 800 is a vertically orientated, propane fueled thermal oxidizer designed to treat the odorous VOCs, smoke and chaff containing air streams from coffee roasting equipment. The “Thermal Mode Destruction Efficiency” of this unit is an amazing 99%!

...because we care about the air!